The bakery group Lantmännen Unibake has significantly increased its production capacities in Poland. Two years from commencement of the construction, the company launched a modern production plant with the area of 24.6 thousand square meters in Nowa Sól.

– For us, Poland is the key market and this bakery in Nowa Sól is already our third and most modern one and at the same time second largest in Europe. This new investment considerably increases our capacities, both in terms of the product lines, production volume and export. This new bakery has created new workplaces also indirectly for the Polish suppliers, says Jacek Górecki, Lantmännen Unibake Managing Director for Poland and Hungary.

In January, the first production line was commissioned. Until the end of 2020, three production lines in total will be launched in order to produce a broad range of fast food bread (hamburger and hot dog buns in many sizes and shapes) with different crumble toppings and additions.

Customers for the bread baked in Nowa Sól will mainly include international large quick service restaurants selling hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as other restaurants, bars, and gas stations. The plant in Nowa Sól will only use top quality raw materials, mainly from Polish suppliers.

Innovative solutions

Being very modern, the production line brings innovative solutions like in-line freezing, where the buns after they have been baked are frozen, before they are put into cardboard boxes. During freezing, the buns are only packed into a foil wrap and frozen down to at least -12oC degrees within one hour from the time they were baked. Owing to this procedure, the bakery products are not kneaded or crushed during transport and preserve the optimum freshness.

Sustainable approach

The new plant presents the Scandinavian approach to sustainable development, with the care for the natural environment in the focus. The bakery in Nowa Sól uses the “green electricity” from renewable sources. The cooling installation and the ovens have been energy-optimised, e.g. recovered warmth to be used in other parts of the plant. The plant is lighted with LED lamps, and electric car charging battery has been installed in the car park. The implementation of the project, both at the preparation and operational stage, was conducted to best protect the natural environment using all the safety measures available and the state-of-the-art technologies.

The new bakery also means new jobs. Ultimately, the Nowa Sól bakery will employ 110 people. Currently, the company employs over 450 people in Poland.

Lantmännen Unibake in Poland

Lantmännen Unibake has been present in Poland since the early 90-ties. In addition to the newly opened bakery in Nowa Sól, Lantmännen Unibake has two other bakeries in Poznań and in Nieporęt, near Warsaw, baking Schulstad and Schulstad Bakery Solutions brand products.

In 2017, the company sold over 30 thousand tonnes of fresh and frozen bread with the total value of over PLN 200 million. In addition to Polish customers, bread from Lantmännen Unibake Poland is exported to Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Scandinavian countries.