On 1 February Lantmännen Unibake welcomes current Sales Director Pernille Bang-Löwgren (43) as the new managing director of Lantmännen Schulstad A/S when Allan Christiansen (62) steps down from the position after almost nine years.

Chairman of the board of Lantmännen Schulstad A/S, Thomas Isaksson, says:

I am happy to appoint Pernille Bang-Löwgren as MD of Lantmännen Schulstad as of 1 February 2021. In the past two years as a Sales Director, Pernille has shown exceptional professionalism in all subject matters and a very strong ability to build sustainable relations with customers and colleagues. That, and her extensive experience from previous managing positions, are key reasons why we have chosen her as Allan Christiansen’s successor”, Thomas Isaksson says.

He continues: “Allan has been key in preparing the grounds and laying out the direction for Lantmännen Schulstad - a direction that Pernille has made her own marks on and that she will now realise, so that Schulstad can continue the journey, deliver on emerging opportunities and further build on its strong position in Denmark”.

Pernille Bang-Löwgren is honored and humbled to accept the position as managing director: “I am very excited to continue the journey with the Schulstad brand and its focus on renewing and improving the Danish bread culture. I have spent two years heading the Sales department and getting to know the business and our customers. I am taking over an exciting business with a strong local profile that is part of a unique global organization. We have made a strong strategy in the management team, it is on track, and I look forward to keeping the momentum and ensuring that we manage the execution with excellence and make full use of the potential the strategy unlocks. We have a lot of opportunities and I look forward to unleash them”, Pernille Bang-Löwgren says.

Allan Christiansen, who steps down from the position as managing director of Lantmännen Schulstad end of January 2021, says:” I want to take this step now to make space for a new mix of tasks in my work-life. During the past 2 years, Pernille has gained strong experience with Lantmännen Schulstad and with our customers. She has built a strong brand internally and been one of the key players in creating our strategy. I have enjoyed every second in this fantastic organization and I am going to miss it. It is with peace in mind that I leave Lantmännen Schulstad in Pernille’s hands and I look forward to following her on the sidelines”.

Allan Christiansen will start looking for potential board positions in non-competing companies while taking up an advisory assignment in Lantmännen Unibake International