The idea of ​​Bastard Burgers started with a small group of friends who thought that good burgers were missing in Luleå. Today, the chain has 400 employees and several new restaurants are on the way. They burn for burgers of the very best quality and it clearly seen in everything that is served.
“We want to be responsible for everything we do and therefore our clues are: passion, quality and culture. We are consistent. We serve good meat, good dressings and the best burger buns. Our guests should not leave from here totally full, but satisfied and happy. That's the recipe for a good burger. Simple, but true."

William Engman, COO, Bastard Burgers

The Recipe for the Best Burger Bun

“We have chosen to use Potato Buns. It has a good bite, an airy crumb and a taste that is perfectly balanced for all our burgers. These are simply the best burger buns on the market”, says William Engman.
At the same time, it is convenient that it is also suitable for vegans, making the taste experience between the burger with and without meat is as similar as possible.
See the delicious Potato Bun here

Which Burger sells the Best?

The London burger is a bistro burger with Potato bun, Bastard Burger's own truffle mayonnaise, pickled red onion, crispy lettuce, pepper-jack cheese and cheddar. Truffle is the trend right now and is especially popular with female guests. And people love cheese. The more cheese the better.
Our chef, Jonas, has made his own interpretation of 'London' - see the recipe "Ox Burger London Style" here.
“Of course, we also serve side orders and our own dips. Our signature dressing is the Bastard dressing - a classic burger dressing that is homemade in every restaurant.
Get three recipes for delicious side orders here. You will also find inspiration for a signature dip here.

Veggie Burgers are Attracting New Customer Types

When Bastard Burgers did campaign on one of their plant-based burgers, they saw sales doubled, with no sales of meat burgers going down. It shows that with vegan burgers on the menu, new customer types are attracted and that customers like the vegan.

We believe that in the future we will sell just as many burgers with and without meat. Our burgers with meat make up 80% of sales. Our 100% vegan menu makes up 20% of sales. In the big cities, sales of vegan burgers are up 30%

Only the Best is Good Enough

So what is the secret of Bastard Burger's great success? The answer is quality in everything and a constant search for the best - both in raw materials and employees.

“We make a great deal communicating our spirit and mission to the staff we hire and only work with the best.

From the beginning we have collaborated with the website "Burger dudes" which is constantly on the hunt for the world's best burgers. In 2018, we started a collaboration with "Jävligt Gott", which is Sweden's largest vegan food blog.

"Collaborations of this kind, with the best suppliers and a skilled staff are what together inspire us and constantly make us even better, ” concludes William Engman.