There is a very high demand for premium products in all categories, and the market is booming. It means that more and more suppliers are tapping into that trend – and if we at Lantmännen Unibake want to stay relevant as a bread supplier, we have to adjust our range of breads to meet their needs, says Jeanette Ruby, Marketing & Innovation Director at Lantmännen Unibake Denmark.

A very special rye bread from Schulstad

The new premium rye bread from Schulstad is called “Det Gode Signaturbrød” and it was launched in Denmark in October 2018. It is a tribute to local bread pioneers, and it is the result of a collaboration between Schulstad’s own Product Developer Henrik Hemmingsen and Anette Bylow from Restaurant Gilleleje Havn – a great local restaurant north of Copenhagen, which is famous for their rye bread.

“Det Gode Signaturbrød” is a dark rye bread with popped durum seeds, which gives it a unique flavor, a great look and a particular crunchiness.

“It has been a collaboration focused on creating a premium rye bread with a delicious flavor and great texture. An amazing rye bread has been our goal from the beginning, and we haven’t made any compromises,” says Jeanette Ruby.

Credibility is key

I believe it is crucial that marketing is credible. You can’t just package an existing bread in a new design and set the price to sell it as premium. It doesn’t work that way. With “Det Gode Signaturbrød” we have a credible story.  Our story with rye bread goes back to 1886, when Viggo Schulstad, as a true pioneer, developed the malted rye bread, and now we have developed a truly unique premium rye bread which stands out. The type of packaging and design is different, and it has the signature of Anette Bylow from restaurant Gilleleje Havn on the front.

Gilleleje_600x300px_resizedIt is a story of two pioneers that have created an amazing bread together. We believe that “Det Gode Signaturbrød” is a good bet on a premium bread for the retail market – and it looks like the Danish consumers agree with us, says Jeanette Ruby. 

Premium across all channels

The retail market isn’t the only area where Lantmännen Unibake is tapping into the premium trend.

“Premium is a strong trend in the entire market, and we work with premium across all our channels - in foodservice, convenience and retail. In foodservice, as an example, we have been successful in creating a range of premium fastfood products. In the future we would definitely like to launch more premium products and concepts” says Jeanette Ruby.