From the global Lantmännen Unibake standards, the organisation in Poland launched the Leadership Program to share a common leadership language and strengthen the corporate values of openness, drive and holistic view. The training program is of course not enough but with practice on a daily basis, the all-important improvements come continuously.

In workshops at the Danish headquarter, all operational directors learned the scope of tools and models (internally so called “leadership tools”) to cover basic management and communication concepts. Employees have been trained locally, who focused during the training sessions on understanding the concept and to combine it with their previous experience. Everything in order to cascade and end in good output in order to reach the company’s ambition of becoming a world-class organisation.

The key success criteria in this process are managers who practiced and used the tools on a regular basis, acted as role models for this approach and not leaving the knowledge in the classroom but practising it directly in every-day life.When you become good at this, you can teach and inspire all the others around you. Even those who are not willing to develop or are simply not really interested in improving their skills.

“However, this is not the revolution. This is the evolution approach, helping people develop their potential, understanding their challenges and improving their communication and leadership style. The key factor is that all of us, those from the offices and those from our bakeries gained the same understanding and now speak our common leadership language. This is how our organization will become world class” says Jacek Gorecki.