Kim Mustonen chefAbout Kim:

A talented young chef at the Finnish veggie restaurant Kuori. Before this, he has worked in Michelin-awarded restaurants in Finland and New York, London, Soul and Sydney.
He also knows his way around street food and its international trends & tricks.

What are your secret tricks for creating new recipes?

First of all, I think of who I cook for and for what kind of a moment. After that, I start to look at ingredients with the season in mind – I like to cook with what is just best at the time. How I cook can also be affected by the season: in the summer I am more tempted to grill, and in the fall long-cooked stews work nicely. However, I try not to get rutted. You can quite as well barbecue all year round.

What drives customers right now?

”The origin of the food is super important, and especially ingredients that are locally and ethically produced are asked for and highly appreciated. Street food, for being quick, easy and fresh, is also something that speaks to many. Today’s customer doesn’t necessarily want to spend three hours in a restaurant with a long menu. However, they want a high-quality restaurant experience, with a glass of wine – just more casually, more relaxed. Street food, made with premium ingredients, is the perfect answer to these needs."

Which street food trends are rising at the moment?

Japanese Robata-inspired grilling of skewers is on a steep rise, and along with the trend all the different portions you can serve in skewers. And I must say this: burgers will never ever go out of style. Especially the demand for high-quality, premium burgers is still constantly growing, and they just need to be on the menus of even the finest, star-rated restaurants."

Has street food trend changed restaurant business? 

”Yes! The street food culture has had a massive, positive influence on restaurants. The techniques, flavors, spices, ingredients… So much taste in such a small package. Also, the street food trend has brought a whole new feeling to the restaurants, everything need not be so serious, it’s ok to take it easy and have fun.”


What do you value most in a supplier? 

”Quality – in the products, but also in the way we do business. With Lantmännen Unibake I appreciate that the products are always easily available and I get exactly, a 100%, what was promised. Always. Easy communication and open dialogue are also of value.”

Where do you find inspiration?

”By eating food not cooked by myself hahaha! And of course by traveling. But it doesn’t require eating, sometimes the inspiration hits when I just see and smell – some street food stalls can just ooze a feeling that will get me excited! I am also easily inspired by new combinations and have recently experimented with cooking with tea. Tea gives a nice flavor to oils, also! And one great source of inspiration are my colleagues, other chefs. How fun would it be if we would openly share our experiences and knowledge? I try to be as open as I can, as often as I can.”

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