This is speaking to the growing importance of healthy sandwiches with a new generation of consumers who are also considering factors like sustainability, dietary preferences and general nutrition in their sandwich choices.

So, while convenience, quality and pricing still remain critical to some consumers – especially older generations – you must evolve as younger consumers factor in social responsibility, healthfulness and diet accommodations, when choosing their preferred sandwich shop.


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Create healthy cravings

Altering sandwiches to the health definitions of young consumers is key to getting their business, so you have to up your game on innovation and marketing to highlight the right attributes, like "natural" and "better-for-you" ingredients.

Sounds a bit overwhelming? The good news is that good taste will never go out of fashion. And taste is still the primary driver for all menu categories, speaking to the importance of craveable options and consistent execution to drive traffic.

Cravings, convenience and taste go hand in hand, so always keep these drivers in mind when targeting a younger and health-conscious crowd.


Here’s how you can serve honest ingredients

  • Offer gluten-free, whole-grain or whole-wheat breads for health benefits 

  • Satisfy those searching for non-GMO foods and consumers conscious of no-no ingredients likes pesticides, preservatives and additives

  • Highlight your hormone-free meats or meats with high-protein

  • Satisfy consumers who look for transparent sourcing cues

  • Differentiate yourself further by featuring fresh herbs or veggies from your local farmers market

Though bread and meats tend to be the primary focus, signature sauces, locally sourced products, artisan cheese and other specialty toppings can all help you highlight quality. They offer a chance for you to convey uniqueness, freshness and health in an affordable manner – and help your sandwich shop to tap into consumer demand for quality and honest ingredients.

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