In the summer of 2015, our bakery in Londerzeel, Belgium was lost in a devastating fire.

This kicked off a demanding period for Lantmännen Unibake Belgium and its employees. Not only did they lose business, but regaining their former product quality proved challenging.

Yet at record speed a new innovative bakery was built with the same quality level as before. Plans are now ready to expand and work has begun to regain lost customers.

It was therefore with much pride that the hardworking team at Lantmännen Unibake Belgium picked up the prestigious award of “Factory of The Future” at the Factory of the Future Awards 2018 in Antwerp.


Congratulations Lantmännen Unibake Belgium

This prestigious award is handed out to future-oriented production plants that take up the challenge with the fourth industrial revolution.

The jury evaluated on different criteria such as having world-class production technology, human centred production, sustainability, digitization and networks.

Some of the reasons why Lantmännen Unibake Belgium won:

  • State-of-the-art machinery park, with unique installations for its sector. (the art of converting craftsmanship into an industrial processes)
  • Cross-functional teams that developed uniquely engineered production lines
  • Fully automated UDC warehouse, with strong customer service levels
  • The resilience and passion that they have shown together to rebuild the bakery
  • The fact that partnership is at the centre in our collaboration with customers, research institutions, other sites and suppliers
  • The extremely ecologically sustainable installations like the cooling systems, heat recuperation and solar panels.

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