1) Can be enjoyed everywhere

Sandwiches are easy to eat on-the-fly or at your desk as they mostly don’t require a plate or utensils. In fact, 32% of American consumers say that convenience is the primary reason they make a sandwich purchase. Convenience tends to be more important at breakfast and lunch than at dinner. A good thing to keep in mind for your offerings throughout the day.

Especially older consumers are likely to order sandwiches due to convenience or value, where younger consumers tend to purchase sandwiches because it’s a healthy option, speaking to the growing importance of healthy sandwiches.


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2) You can easily customize sandwiches

Sandwiches have the ability to bring together some of our most loved foods by uniting bread, cheese, meats, veggies and condiments. This makes it easy to customize to customers’ tastes or to offer build-your-own options.

 More than half of American operators agree that offering a customizable option is important. Keep in mind that consumers tend to be in a hurry at breakfast and lunch, meaning that customization, sides and drinks are more important at dinner when consumers have the time for larger, more relaxed meals.


3) A well-known and familiar meal with endless possibilities

Sandwiches are being eaten all over the world: from the Vietnamese Banh Mi, a single serving baguette split lengthwise and filled with fresh herbs and various ingredients, to the classic BLT, with the trinity of bacon, lettuce and tomato between two spongy pieces of bread.

And the list is endless. There seems to be a sandwich for every taste, mood, time of the day and even time of the year. The reason it works so well is that it has that well-known format, so no matter how much the ingredients may vary, you will on some level always know, what you get. That’s something that speaks to most humans.

The familiarity of the sandwich format makes even the most adventurous experimentation with new flavors an easy sell – and consumers appreciate variety and versatility.


So why not try to experiment a little?

Globally inspired sandwiches such as the Vietnamese Banh Mi are among the fastest growing sandwich varieties all over the world – from Southeast Asia to the Middle East to New England.

With an increasingly diverse and adventurous consumer base, global sandwiches are ideal vehicles for experimenting with new flavors without pushing the boundaries of the traditional carrier-protein-topping format.


Sandwich love in numbers


Nearly half of American consumers have eaten a sandwich in the past day

of operators offer sandwiches, and most say sandwiches account for one-quarter of operator sales, on average

of operators say sandwich sales have increased over the past year

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