Today’s world and its consumers are changing very fast, people have increasingly higher expectations. They expect everything on demand, here and now, created especially for them. Some examples; we cancel an Uber if we need to wait for 7 minutes or expect Google to suggest a restaurant nearby with high ratings that serves vegan dishes (because it supposed to know that I’m a vegan), and we become very annoyed when it doesn’t.

As a result, new global and local food movements emerge constantly, it’s more important than ever to keep up with trends in order to accommodate customer wishes, stay ahead of the competition and justify a higher price.

Make sure to pick a supplier who has already informed you about these mega trends:



  • Premium quality and traditional methods

    Premium quality and traditional methods
    Consumers are looking for higher quality and are willing to pay extra for food that offers extra indulgence, premium appearance, unique service. This typically relates to selected ingredients like specialty flour or superfoods such as spelt and chia seeds or inclusions such as cranberries, nuts or olives. Another example is bread with a handcrafted appearance, which is possible to achieve by going back to traditional methods such as use of natural sourdough, stone baking or slow fermentation in order to achieve a unique look and texture.

  • Health and nutrition are essential

    Another way to add value in the eyes of consumers is by offering healthier alternatives. The key health triggers are natural ingredients with nutritional benefits such as whole grain, nuts or fibres. There is also an increasing demand for clean label bread, free from artificial additives and reduced salt or sugar. 

  • Sustainability and ethics are important aspects

    Consumers today are increasingly conscious about their consumption and the footprint it leaves behind. For bread, fast food and pastry it can range from a clean label, natural and organic to the increasing demand for smaller packs or portion sizes to reduce food waste.

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