6 ways to generate more traffic outside lunch hour:


1. Offer convenience

The lunch crowd are more demanding than the dinner crowd, because they have limited time. Help them by offering extra convenience such as pre-fixed menus or meal kits. It should be easy, fast and suited to eat on-the-go. In this way they will not only save time because they don’t have to wait for the food – they can also easily bring the food back to colleagues, thereby increasing your sales. Also, consider offering the possibility to order beforehand by app.


2. Attract the morning crowd

Particularly when it comes to breakfast it is important not only to serve healthy options – but being vocal about it. Offer food high in protein or sell complimentary sides such as fruit or freshly made juice. Make sure that your breakfast is filling, to give your customers the best start of the day – they’ll most likely remember this and stop by your shop next time they are in a hurry. Think convenience! Many of your customers are headed towards work.


How to make sandwiches a delicious business

3. Make group specials, punch cards or discounts

Everybody loves a good discount and you can take advantage of this by giving each customer a punch card, offering the seventh sandwich free or the like. This will encourage them to keep coming back. You can also offer group specials outside normal lunch hours. This will increase your productivity and incentivise your customers to return for more.
When it comes to customer retention strategies, price is essential – so make sure to offer something for all income brackets.


4. Benefit from partnerships

If you want to offer something that you cannot provide yourself, try to partner up with another local business. This could be a coffeehouse which helps you offer your customers high quality coffee and is also a way to help your partners’ business. And vice versa. You can also consider partnering up with a local book-, video-, or music store, thus benefiting from what they have to offer and while simultaneously selling your product.


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5. Offer free give-aways

If you are new in the neighbourhood, introduce a new, special sandwich to the menu or a new service, consider handing out free samples. You can also aim for a younger crowd with less money, by offering students free drinks, chips or buy-one-get-one-free specials.
If delivery is a part of your service, consider offering free delivery to a selected group of customers such as local businesses.


6. Market yourself

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Don’t be shy about your business and make sure to share all the good news from your side of the pond. Deals, new tasty bread, homemade dressings and other such news help build your brand and reach a larger customer base. Make sure to have a website and be present on facebook. Help customers (and yourself) by having your menu, prices and stories about you, your business and the products you are selling online.

Don’t be afraid to show a bit of personality in your marketing – we all like to buy sandwiches made by real people in a shop run by real people.

Your story is unique and a good place to start – so make sure to share it to stand out from the crowd.


How to make sandwiches a delicious business