Disappointed customers are the biggest threat to your business, and even if you have put great effort into building up a solid one, it can all vanish in a blink of an eye.

And in the aftermath of disappointment, several things will potentially suffer:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Your reputation and evaluation (also online)

  • Your image and brand

  • Your economy

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The secret to a happy customer

So, how can you avoid disappointing your customers? Of course, some things are out of your hands, but there are a lot of things you can control: Having a friendly staff, serving your sandwiches in a clean and inviting environment – and using good products of high quality and taste add to a good reputation.

And precaution. In this race against the time your need your counter to be full of fresh lettuce, freshly chopped vegetables, homemade dressings and crisp, fresh bread. You don’t have time to run out of commodities – especially the ones that you can’t buy around the corner, such as good bread.

 That’s why it is essential to pick a manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier of bread that won’t disappoint you – so you have to disappoint your customers. Make sure to pick one that has a strong supply chain and is of a certain size.


Ask the following questions to your supplier:

  1. What is the ability of the manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier to supply the desired goods?
  2. Can they deliver consistently without compromising quality?
  3. How will the they deal with e.g. a shortage of products?
  4. Can the they match my special requests?
  5. How is the delivery taken care of?

Download our guide 'How to make sandwiches a delicious and profitable business'

Make a back-up plan

The bigger your partnering manufacturer, wholesaler or supplier is, the more likely it is that they can cater to all of your needs. Especially if you choose one who offers a solution where you can bake the bread yourself. By having bake-off as an option, you can consider if you always want to keep a batch in your freezer – in case of a delivery failure – or if you want to always be able to make fresh bread all throughout the day.

By choosing bake-off you not only heighten the overall experience of the quality of your bread, you will also minimize waste: On a day with a lot of customers, you can keep up with the demands, and on a day with less customers than expected, you won’t need to throw away large batches of bread.

By taking this precaution you’ll make sure not to disappoint your customers, keep building your reputation and increase the numbers of happy regulars.


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