Because of COVID-19, many jobs right now have to cope with greatly reduced staffing, and the food-service industry is unfortunately no exception. The consequence is that you and your employees must run extra hard, which in the long run can affect both the job satisfaction and the quality of the food you serve. 

The alternative is to find time-saving solutions that maintain the same high standard as usual - in terms of taste, texture and fragrance, and in particular the more stricter hygiene requirements.

In this post, you will find our best tips on how to make the right choice of bread to optimize and streamline your time in the kitchen for the benefit of employees, customers and the business as a whole.

Use raw dough - An easy way to make good bread

There is something special about homemade baked goods. The scent - not least - is almost impossible to resist. Conversely, we all know that it takes both resources and time to bake good bread from scratch, especially if it is in large quantities.

By using advice you can achieve the same authentic expression as when you do all the hard work yourself. In turn, you save both time and effort that you can spend on other tasks.

You can even put your own personal touch on the bakery so it gets exactly what you want. The bread's shape, cut, topping and baking depend solely on your preferences and your imagination:
  • Choose from carrot dough or French bread or combine several dough types.
  • Try different kinds of fillings such as cheese, ham, spinach or chocolate and raisins.
  • Make use of various molds and cutting or braiding techniques.
  • Experiment with exciting sprinkles such as grated cheese, spices, seeds, grains, cinnamon, oatmeal or walnuts.

With raw dough, you can make freshly baked rye bread, rolls, pies, focaccia, pizzas, baguettes, sandwich breads, flatbreads and all the other types of baked goods that your customers love.

Here you will find a selection of our raw dough products.


Sell pre-made sandwiches

If you choose the right bread and filling, your sandwiches can stay delicious for several hours in the cold without getting boring. This means that you can prepare them from the morning or at quiet times during the day, so that you are prepared for the busiest time of day around lunch and dinner. Who doesn't want to be at the forefront?

Just remember that not all types of bread and stuffing look inviting. A good rule of thumb is that pre-sliced thaw-and-serve sandwich breads can stay in the fridge for a long time, and stay well stocked. Another important advantage of this type of sandwich is that the bread does not become chewy and "slashed" - even when stored in a refrigerator.

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene!

Due to the Coronavirus, buying food from externally has become a matter of trust more than ever before. If your potential customers have doubts about your hygiene standard, selling to them might become even more difficult.
Pre-made sandwiches have always been a very hygienic way of serving - especially if you make use of the pre-sliced bread.
Therefore, besides being time-saving, sandwiches fit well with the stricter hygiene guidelines because they require minimal contact and handling.

Can we help you?

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