1. We care about bread 

And we have done so for a while. Since 1880 to be exact. That was when our founder Viggo Schulstad opened his first bakery in Copenhagen. He was obsessed with perfection, and that aim to always be better is still a part of our DNA. 

2. We care about quality

Is no surprise that keeping a high level of quality is our main commodity! We bring 585.000 tons of baked goods into the world every year and all of our 36 bakery sites around the world are certified to the highest international standards.

3. We care about our responsibility

We aspire to run a transparent, responsible business from field to fork, based on a sustainable supply chain, research & development, and respect for people and the planet. Our responsibility covers everything we do and the way we do it – from beginning to end of the value chain.

4. We care about food safety

All our bakeries live up to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety or an equivalent standard approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

All of our raw materials can be traced back to the country of origin – and for palm oil and pecan nuts the commodities are even traceable to the individual supplier. 

5. We care about nutrition

We want to help our consumers make healthy food choices. Some of the areas we focus on are salt reduction, cholesterol reduction and nutrients in rye and wholegrain. We also participate in national and international initiatives dedicated to improving consumer nutrition.

6. We care about research and innovation

It takes a lot to meet and preferably exceed consumer and customer expectations. That is why we invest in research and development in both our own and external research projects, making us innovators and promoters of new knowledge.

Over the past 3 years we have consistently launched 500-600 new products per year.  


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7. We care about food waste

We invest in research aimed at cutting food waste by making products stay fresh for a longer period of time. In our waste reduction efforts, we target both production, products and consumers. We minimize production waste due to quality defects. We work with shelf-life extension to keep that crunchy crust and moist crumb, and we create inspiring recipes that curb food waste by utilizing the leftover stale bread.

8. We care about craftsmanship

A good bread cannot be invented by a machine. It takes real bakers and real taste buds to develop and make our bread and pastry. In all our countries of operation we use test bakeries to test and improve our assortment with kitchen equipment like we know from any other kitchen.  

9. We care about the latest trends

It can be a challenge for our customers to keep up with the markets’ ever-changing needs and trends. That’s why our NPD team interpret new movements and requests within the different groups of products and, most importantly, they keep a constant dialogue with our customers in order to meet the needs of the end customer.


10. We care about every delivery

Because of our size we aim to guarantee your delivery every time. You get the same quality as with a local bakery – and on top of that the security of a big production company like ours.

It’s not like we want to flex our production muscles, but truth be told there’s just a bigger security in having a supplier with 36 production sites worldwide. We have a contingency plan for you, no matter what. 


11. We care about convenience

We know that time is scarce in professional kitchens anywhere. And no matter how big the desire may be to create everything from scratch, some choices have to be made about optimizing workflows.  We offer a wide range of assets  that will help our customers save time – from ready-to-use icing for pastry to burger buns with grill marks applied.

12. We care about YOU!

Having been in the bread-making industry for more than a century we know that we’re not better than our last batch of bread. That’s why we strive every day to be even better than yesterday.
While our goal is to maintain a high quality throughout our products we also aim to help our customers to become even better at what they do – thus helping them to ensure that bread-making continues to be a profitable business.


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