Bakery - however and whenever you need it

With our quality baking products you can be sure to serve a wide assortment of classic and contemporary breads. 

Our sweets assortment offers a great range of delicious goods from Danish and French pastry to cakes.

In the fast food category, we bring you the world’s best & biggest fast food assortment, covering everything from classic burger buns to a gourmet experience.

Trends, health and ethics

Even with a wide selection of products, we know how hard it can be to keep up with trends and movements. We constantly develop new delicious breads and pastries to provide for all tastes and needs – and we have 5 drivers that guide us. Here are examples of drivers:


1. Indulgence

Not only do you get comforting flavors, but also the option of natural ingredients, bread and pastry that are baked in a stone oven or made with a long fermentation, but also product that have a handcrafted look or is made with sourdough.

2. Health 

Health is a growing factor for consumers, hence this trend gets a lot of attention. This is where you will find our organic products and also the ones free from e.g. gluten or nuts. The ingredients consist of particularly healthy cereals such as oats and rye offering tasty bread made on whole grain or with healthy fats.

3. Convenience 

We aim to make it even easier for  our customers to serve delicious and fresh bread & pastry. We offer a wide range of assets  that will help our customers save time – from ready-to-use icing for pastry to burger buns with grill marks applied.


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