Are you the proud owner of the best restaurant in town? Or do you usually serve the most delicious and juicy burgers to hungry café guests? There is no doubt that the café- and restaurant industry is particularly threatened during this time. Read along to get a handful of helpful recommendations on how to stay afloat during the COVID-19 quarantine.
Fortunately, most people are following the advice of the authorities and are staying indoors. The once so busy streets and town squares are almost empty.
Although this is necessary, it means that eateries all over the world are struggling to stay in business. Crises or no crises, there are still a number of fixed costs for rent and wages that must be paid.
How can you as a restauranteur or café owner earn enough money to pay for fixed costs such as rent and salaries? We have gathered five concrete recommendations which have been of great help to other restaurateurs. It is our hope that they will benefit your business as well.


#1 Offer irresistible takeaway

Takeaway has always been a hit and, luckily, this is still the case. Therefore, we recommend making a takeaway menu which is too delicious to resist.
Most people primarily associate ‘takeaway’ with lunch and dinner, but who says it can’t be e.g. brunch or coffee with a slice of pie? Think creatively and be sure to include not only the classics but also the healthy alternatives and maybe a brand-new dish that your customers haven’t tasted before.

#2 Sell from your wine stock

If you have the opportunity, you should pick up a few extra pallets of wine from your importer or select some bottles from your own stock. It will provide you with some extra cash and is probably worth more right now than a wine cellar filled to the brim.
For example, you could offer your customers to take home a bottle of delicious, Italian wine along with their food for a small additional price or sell whole boxes of your most popular wine for a favorable price. Most customers will see it as yet another opportunity to help – plus it doesn’t hurt with a little extra self-indulgence either.

#3 Don’t forget the gift cards

Now that the customers have already come to buy both takeaway and wine, why not also encourage them to buy a gift card for either themselves or their loved ones? When the crisis is over, people will be eager to go out and enjoy their favorite cafes and restaurants. With a gift card in hand, you can make sure that your specific restaurant or café is their first choice.
The money from the gift cards will help you cover your regular expenses, and with a gift card waiting in the drawer, the buyer has a nice experience to look forward to in an otherwise frustrating period.

#4 Take advantage of all communication channels

If you have loyal customers, they will certainly want to support your business during this difficult time – they just need to know how to do so. Thus, remember to tell them about all the great initiatives you have taken and services you now offer.
Take advantage of all the communication channels available to you. In addition to your website, you may have an Instagram profile or a Facebook group full of potential buyers. If you have VIP-customers, you can send them special corona offers directly via mail.
When communicating your message, remember to also mention why potential customers should buy food from your eatery rather than any other. Do you have great opening hours, irresistible offers, ecological or particularly good ingredients, the best burger in town, the possibility of home delivery or something else that makes you attractive? Then don’t hesitate to mention it!


#5 Make it clear that you look after your customers

It is important to emphasize that you, as a restaurateur or café owner, take co-responsibility in the fight against COVID-19. Make it clear to your customers that you look after them and that they can safely buy food from your eatery. Here are a few examples on how to do so:
  • Take all payments by card or use mobile transfer apps instead of cash. In this way, your customer can completely avoid getting in touch with both money, your staff, and other visitors.
  • Place a bottle of hand sanitizer at the entrance of your café or restaurant and ask your customers to keep a distance from one another whilst waiting for their food.
  • Share a picture of how you use gloves when preparing food or share a video on your Facebook page where you demonstrate how you regularly clean your door handles.
Aside from fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, all of these efforts will give your customers peace of mind and create preference for your particular eatery.

Do you need counselling?

Although we cannot visit your kitchen, we are of course still ready to help you. Feel free to book a conference call with our professional consultants in your specific market. We are ready with useful advice on how to secure your business during this changeling time.